Vassant Paris

Named after Mr. Vassant FAUGOO, CEO of Beynat et Janniaux, manufacturer of exotic leather goods established in 1947, Vassant Paris is above all born of an unlimited passion for the rare material associated with the urge to propose articles adapted to the needs of its customers, connoisseurs of the most beautiful objects. Satisfying your desire to meet your simple or inordinate expectations, we are committed to offering you an authentic experience that will mark the beginning of the history of your heritage piece.

Exceptional small leather goods

Supplying the most challenging retailers around the world, we have been offering for over twenty years an incredible diversity of articles of small leather goods whose magic expresses itself by an unparalleled care of detail.

Much more than objects…

Our artisans’ expertise is transmitted in each of our pieces and much more than objects, it is a part of magic that hides behind the exceptional pieces that we invite you to discover. Thanks to the contrast of materials, the rich colors and the singular talent of our craftsmen, it is above all the undisguised pleasure of transmitting to you our love for craft.

Beynat et Janniaux

Beynat & Janniaux

Manufacturer of exceptional leather goods, both by the preciousness of the material and by the passion of its craftsmen

Recognized as a Living Heritage Company (French government label ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’), the house has been serving the biggest names in the luxury industry for over seventy years.