TEXAS : wallet, available in 10 materials and 78 colors.



Vassant Paris will soon open its new Showroom in Paris. You will be able to discover all our collections of leather goods.

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Vassant Paris

A dodo, the famous Mauritian bird, as the timeless guardian of a house created by Mr. Vassant FAUGOO, a leather craftsman native of the island and now president of the Parisian factory Beynat and Janniaux, in the spirit of authenticity and respect of the ancestral know-how required by the exoticism of precious skins.

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Materials & Colors

The know-how of Vassant Paris begins with the choice of the finest materials in the world. Whether it is a shiny alligator skin from America, a porosus crocodile from Asia or an African ostrich, the house is committed to selecting the most precious leathers to offer you the best.

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